Could Your Business Benefit From Using An Employment Agency?

Do you own your own company or have hiring responsibilities at your job? Perhaps you work in an industry or company that has high turnover rates. This likely means that you often hire and train others, and they end up quitting their jobs, which means that you must find new employees and train them. This type of repetitive cycle costs many businesses to lose revenue. Some modern businesses have started to seek candidates for their companies from employment agencies. The following are a few perks your business could experience if you choose to hire using this option.

Pre-Qualified Candidates

When you opt to use an employment agency for your hiring needs, the potential candidates will be pre-qualified and screened. This is because although they will work at your location, they are actually employees of the staffing agency. Your company will be considered as the agency's client, and they will not want to disappoint you by sending unqualified individuals to your worksite. Agencies may require skill tests, drug screens, and background checks prior to assigning employees to companies. This means that you will not waste your company's time performing screenings on multiple candidates. Some agencies allow clients to extend offers of permanent employment to temporary employees who perform well. 

Seasonal and Peak Employees

Perhaps your business runs smoothly most of the year with the staff that you currently have. However, there may be times when you experience fluctuations in business and the work demand may be more difficult to handle. You could hire temporary employees to work during those times to ensure that your workflow does not get backlogged. For example, some companies need extra staff during the holiday season.

Save Revenue

If your business has an attractive benefits package or other perks, hiring too many permanent employees might cost your business excess revenue. You will not be required to extend the same benefits to employees who are contracted through the staffing agency. Most staffing agencies will aim to send employees who already have experience in your industry. This means less time or no time spent training individuals to learn the job.

A staffing agency is a good resource to use to determine the best approach to getting qualified "talent" through your company's doors with minimal risks. Most of these agencies offer a variety of options to their clients. For example, you may have an employee who needs to take maternity leave, and you could hire a temporary employee who has the skill set to fill the position until your permanent employee returns to work.