How To Quietly Climb The Corporate Ladder

Tired of seeing fellow employees jump ahead of you and climb the corporate ladder faster? You could beat them at their own game. While they are busy taking weekend courses and taking days off from work to get in the education and trainings they need to get ahead, you could be doing something similar on your lunch breaks. Here is how to quietly climb the corporate ladder and get ahead of your peers. 

Tell Only Those Who Need to Know

If you tell your peers what you are doing, they are going to get on the ball and try to get ahead of you. Stealth in this business is necessary; think ninja instead of "Let me help you up!" While it may seem a little selfish, consider how many times you have helped others, and now they are your bosses. 

That said, tell only those who absolutely need to know and only when they absolutely need to know it. A prime example is telling your supervisor your intent to apply for a position and that you have completed "x,y,z" in order to prepare for the job expectations that come with that position. That gives you the advantage over other candidates and reduces the possibility that another candidate who decides to throw his/her towel in the game late somehow manages to land the position.

Find Corporate Online Learning Solutions

What is this digital age worth if you are not using it to get ahead? Corporate online learning can put you through several courses, including managerial and IT, that will give you the extra edge the next time you apply for a promotion in the company. Find out what it takes to get the position you really want, and then sign up for corporate e-learning courses that beef up your resume.

You should also make sure that you are adding these courses and certifications under your "Special Skills" section on your resume as you complete them so that you do not turn in a resume for a position with these completed courses/certifications missing from your resume and application.

Complete Your Courses and Certifications on Your Lunch Breaks

While everyone else leaves the office for lunch/supper or to take exercise breaks, you can be using this time to your advantage. Many corporate e-courses and e-trainings list the time it takes to complete them, which is helpful for determining when and how quickly you can complete them. Most of them are short enough in duration you can complete them in one to three weeks' worth of lunch breaks.

Get Your E-Certificates to HR

When you complete your online trainings and courses, the company will email you a printable certificate of completion. You can either print it and give it directly to HR, or you can forward the email to your HR person. Be sure to print a copy for your own records, in case the ones you sent/forward/gave to HR get lost.

Keep Working Quietly Toward Your Goals

Do not just do the bare minimum with corporate e-learning. Keep going! It is better to be slightly to moderately over-qualified when a position opens up than to be just "qualified." You may even find that you enjoy corporate e-learning as it gives you a break from the usual work tasks of your day.

Additionally, because you can take and work on these courses and trainings any time you want, you do not have to complete it all right away. Take a few days off. Complete major products on time or early (which also shows your boss that you are ready for greater responsibility). Then wait for a position to open up; you will be ready for it. For more information, contact companies like elearning, Inc.