Ways You Can Use Scrap Metal To Raise Money In The Workplace That Won't Cost You A Dime

You have a great event in mind you would like to host for employees. The only problem is, there's just not room in the budget for such an expense, so you start looking at ways you can raise money to cover the costs. If you are like most business owners in this situation, you will see if employees would like to chip in or even look at usual fundraising methods, like selling T-shirts or candles. However, there are actually ways that you can make some cash for your plans that take very little time and effort and cost you nothing at all and selling scrap metal happens to be one of them. Here are three often overlooked ways to raise money in your place of business with scrap metal. 

Collect aluminum cans and recycle them. 

Set up a recycling container in the break room and anywhere else where people consume beverages and collect aluminum cans. You can even let your employees in on what's going on so they will bring their cans in from home. Aluminum is a scrap metal that just about any scrap metal buyer will pay you for. They usually pay by the pound for aluminum cans, and some will even pick them up from you if you have a lot you need to sell. 

Harvest valuable metals from old business electronics. 

You know that storage room you have in the back of the office where all those old computers hang out? You can actually clean out that room and put some money in your pocket if you know what you are doing. Even dysfunctional electronics tend to contain valuable scrap metal, such as copper and aluminum. Some electronics even contain harvestable silver and gold, which can also fetch you a healthy bit of cash if you have enough of it. 

Disassemble old office furniture, shelving, and fixures and scrap the metal parts. 

Even old business fixtures and furnishings can get you some money from the scrap metal recycling center. You will just have to spend a little time disassembling the items to separate the metal from other materials. Old fixtures commonly found in a place of business, such as shelving units and office chairs, almost always are made with some parts that are metal. These metals, which can range from brass and copper to steel and iron, can be sold to the local scrap metal center for some extra money. 

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