Want To Sell Your Personal Firearms? A Few Things You Should Know First

Just about anyone and everyone knows that if you are going to buy a gun, you need to apply for a permit. Most people would prefer not to have the government know how many guns they own because the government tracks this information. However, personal firearm transfers and personal firearms sales bypass some government laws, which create loopholes for you to acquire guns. These loopholes are completely legal, and if you want to get a gun from a private seller, there are a few things you should know first.

Run the Serial Numbers

If you buy from a private seller, ask for the serial numbers. You do not want to unwittingly buy a gun that was used in a crime! If the owner is not willing to give you the serial numbers on the guns, or he/she says the numbers have been sanded off, avoid buying these guns. You do not know why the guns do not have serial numbers, nor why the owner does not want to give you the serial numbers. If the owner is willing to give you the serial numbers, you can run them through the local police database to make sure they are not attached to any crimes.

Ask to Test the Guns

You would not buy a used car without taking it for a test drive, so why buy guns without making sure they work? Most cities have ordinances that ban the firing of guns inside city limits, so you might have to meet the owner at a gun range or in the woods where it is okay to fire a weapon. The guns should load easily and not jam. The safety should also prevent you from firing the guns. Some owners permanently remove the safety switches, which is not only very dangerous, but is considered illegal in some states. If the guns work and they check out, you can negotiate price.

Negotiate Price and Obtain a Bill of Sale

These are used guns, which means that you should not be paying full price. Make sure you know what the retail price for each gun is when it is brand-new, and work out a sale offer based on used gun prices. Then get a bill of sale from the owner to prove that the guns were sold to you and you are the new owner. The bill of sale should include both of your full names, addresses, how much you paid for the guns, the exact makes and models of guns listed separately, and the serial numbers of the guns you bought. In the event that your guns are stolen, you can file a police report to get them back based on this bill of sale.

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