Obtaining Electricity During Blackouts

Do you dislike sitting in the dark for long hours when there are blackouts during stormy weather? Just because the main electricity to your house goes out, it doesn't mean that you are obligate to sit in the dark until it comes back on. You can actually power up your own house during blackouts by investing in a few supplies and equipment to make it possible. In this article, you will learn about some of the things that you can invest in to make going through blackouts easier to cope with.

Buy a Power Generator

The best way to power a house up during a blackout is via a generator. Rather than dealing with candles that can possible start a fire, you can use light fixtures and other electronics with a power generator. The extent of electricity that you will be able to use depends on the power ability of the generator that you buy. There are some generator models that are powerful enough to completely restore your electricity.

Purchase an Electrical Transfer Switch

Investing in an electrical transfer switch is a good idea if you don't intend on buying a generator that is able to power up your entire house. The reason why is because the transfer switch will allow you to choose which rooms in your house are powered up by the generator during blackouts. Basically, the transfer switch will have to be installed on the side of your electrical panel and connected to the circuit breakers that you want to control with the generator.

Use a Power Cord That Can Handle a Lot of Power

Don't forget to invest in the right kind of power cord for your generator and electrical transfer switch. You will need the cord in order to send power from the generator to the transfer switch so the circuit breakers can work. Choose a cord that is able to handle the amount of amps that are sent from your generator. Buying a cord that isn't powerful enough can lead to a fire starting.

Keep a Working Flashlight in Your House

Even if you don't intend on using a flashlight during blackouts, it is still good to keep one handy. You must keep in mind that you will need a source of light to see what you are doing while powering up the generator, so a flashlight is ideal. Keep a good supply of batteries for the flashlight in your house as well.

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