Four Tips For Choosing Office Chairs That Work For Tall People

The problem with the most generic office chairs is that they often do not accommodate those who are taller than the average person. Why is this a problem for your business? If you have any tall employees, it can decrease employee productivity, which is unfortunate because then they are not performing at their best simply because they are uncomfortable in their office chair. As an office manager, it's important to address this issue that many businesses face and take the time to find accommodating office chairs for everyone. Here are four tips to help you choose chairs that can accommodate for taller people:

  1. Choose Office Chairs With a Seat Slide Adjuster: Not many office chairs are going to have this feature, however, office chairs with a seat slide adjuster allow the person sitting in the chair to sit farther back in the seat to make more leg room. Without this feature, taller people, even if they sit up straight in the chair, can still face the problem of their knees bending in rather awkwardly because there is no room for their legs to extend.  
  2. Adjustable Arms: The arms on office chairs should also be adjustable and not fixed. This way, there is room to lower them for those with longer arms. If the arms are too high, it leads to discomfort in the shoulders for those with longer arms because then they will need to hunch to keep their arms upright on the arm rest. 
  3. High Back: The back on the office chairs should also be high-backed. This way, those sitting on the chairs who are taller can actually rest their back without potentially falling backward because of the lack of support. Without a high back, your taller employees are going to spend their entire day sitting upright, which can be extremely tiring. 
  4. Cost is Worth Productivity: Although more adjustable office chairs with all of these features are going to cost more, it's going to be well worth the cost since it ups the productivity of your employees and keeps them happy. Besides, since the office chairs are going to be used correctly by your employees because they will be comfortable enough, it minimizes the amount of wear and tear done to the chairs. This means less money spent on replacing the chairs over time. 

When you consider these four tips when choosing office chairs for taller employees, such as from D&R Office Works Inc., you can be sure that you help improve your business overall, even in just this small way.