Upgrading Your Tanning Salon: Interior Colors To Consider

Color has a huge effect on consumers, and you want your clients to feel calm and welcomed when they walk into your tanning salon's doors. As you upgrade your facility to be more inviting and modern, consider these hues for your interior walls to give your tanning business the appeal it needs:


If you want to give your tanning salon a more luxurious and upscale appeal, consider black as your main hue. Black conveys power and an exclusive allure, allowing your clients to feel like they are getting an upscale, VIP treatment. You can soften black by complementing this powerful hue with gold in your lighting (consider a golden chandelier with hanging crystals or gold-plated light switches) to make your tanning salon even more grandiose and breathtaking.


Green is a popular hue in marketing because it conveys a natural, youthful appeal. You can paint your walls a vivid neon green if you want to have a friendly atmosphere in your salon (consider painting a single wall green if the hue is too bold for your tastes) or opt for a grass or earthy green if you want to exhibit a calming atmosphere. When customers are enveloped in this nurturing color, they can feel relaxed and invigorated as they treat their bodies to a lovely summer tan.


Purple is a hue meant to convey a youthful and calming atmosphere, which is why you so often see this hue dominating the anti-aging and beauty industries. Eggplant, lavender, and violet are all beautiful colors you can incorporate into your new tanning salon design. Purple pairs excellently with black to exhibit both a luxurious and invigorating appeal that will not go unnoticed by your clients.


The essence of summer and fun, yellow is a great hue to represent your tanning salon. This energetic hue has its own youthful glow, allowing your clients to feel uplifted as soon as they walk in your doors. Consider a vivid goldenrod or soft yellow for your main hue, using green or even blue (a calming hue excellent for tanning rooms) to complement the color and make your clients feel especially welcome and excited to be in your tanning salon.

Your interior decorator will help you choose the best hues within the color spectrum you choose for your tanning salon. Don't be afraid to pair many colors together to complete the effect you are going for in your new tanning salon design.

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