Custom Stickers Aren't Just For Businesses: Home Use For These Customized Beauties

Customized stickers are often made and used in bulk for businesses as promotional items or as labels on goods the businesses send out. However, these can be used in smaller batches in your home, too. Anywhere you would need a label, you can use a sticker instead for a custom piece that is legible, colorful, and if you need several of them to match, consistent.

Cabinet Labels for Housemates

When you have housemates, there's the potential for someone -- even if it's a guest a housemate has brought over -- to take your food or use your bathroom supplies (it happens). If you want to be sure that people know where they are not supposed to look for items, label each cabinet, shelf, or drawer with a custom sticker. That will reduce the number of accidental incursions into other people's stuff by those who are unfamiliar with how the household works.

Supply Drawer Labels in Garage Workshop or Craft Room

Whether you have a garage workshop, a craft room, a room for homeschooling lessons, a home gym, or any other separate area for a hobby or regular habit, you're likely to have a lot of supplies that are hard to keep straight unless you place them in containers. But looking through containers each time you need something can be tiring. Instead, small custom-made stickers work as labels for each box. The stickers are better than plain labels with handwritten category or item names because they are often more legible than hastily written labels.

Play Bin Labels for Your Kids

There's much to be said for sharing your toys, but it's good to let your children have their own toys for them to take care of -- and so they and their siblings can learn how to respect others' things and ask for consent to play with someone else's toys. To keep each group of toys separate, get large plastic bins and label each with a sticker that's been decorated in a way each child likes; one option is to get a large sticker that's plain except for the child's name and have the child decorate it.

Talk to sticker companies like about small-batch printing and additional batches if you need them. While many initial special offers are for hundreds or thousands of stickers, you can look at the company's price sheet to find out what a smaller batch would cost. You'll find a great deal of variation, and you won't be disappointed.